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“Combining spray paint, markers, acrylic and oil paints, I use contrasting elements to communicate my feelings and thoughts.

I’m really interested in looking at our modern lives and how we’ve become who we are. What makes us us and how is that different to everyone else.
I love contrasting eye-popping colour with drips, tags and marks against serene, beautiful elements like faces and figures.
I’m curious about the voice of our conscious and how we balance it with how we present ourselves to the world.”

Having studied in both contemporary and classical art schools, homegrown Edinburgh artist Rerun blends contemporary street graffiti and lettering with hyperreal painted features and portraits to create eye-popping works with a unique visual style.


The artist uses these contrasting styles to explore the difference in what we show to the world versus what we choose to hide, resulting in a subjective take on the unreality of modern life and how we choose to see it.